Article 5.1 :

State means and includes Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Village Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat, District Panchayat etc.

Article 5.2 :

Provisions contained in this chapter shall be enforceable by any judiciary (Gram Nyay Punch, Taluka Nyay Punch, Jilla Nyay Samiti, Rajya Nyay Parishad or Rashtriya Nyay Sabha etc.)

Article 5.3 :

State shall strive to minimize the inequalities in income so that ratio of minimum and maximum income will not be more than 1:100.

Article 5.4 :

State shall ensure equal facilities and opportunities for rural and urban people.

Article 5.5 :

State shall ensure that the slaughter of cow and progeny of cow will be strictly prohibited.

Article 5.6 :

Prohibition will be enforced throughout the country immediately in such a way that there is no exception and loopholes in it.

Article 5.7 :

The State shall ensure that the operation of the economic system does not result in the concentration of wealth and means of production to the common detriment.

Article  5.8 :

State shall ensure that every citizen gets free legal aid and free justice up to apex level.

Article 5.9 :

State shall ensure ban on conversion of religion by temptation.

Article 5.10 :

State shall ensure strict punishment for conversion of religion by temptation.

Article 5.11 :

State shall secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.

Article 5.12 :

State shall ensure complete freedom from bureaucracy for all the citizens of India.

Article 5.13 :

State shall ensure corruption free atmosphere in all Government offices throughout India.

Article 5.14 :

State shall ensure stringent punishment for corruption, misappropriation of public fund, mishandling of the public fund for evil motive and for any possible scandal of public money.

Article 5.15 :

State shall ensure full freedom for judiciary throughout country.

Article 5.16 :

State shall provide need based practical education to every student to make them capable for earning his own livelihood by self employment. 

Article 5.17 :

State shall ensure to remove all unnecessary curriculum in favour of big companies and multinational companies from all colleges, universities etc.

Article 5.18 :

State shall ensure to spread compulsory education of Ayurved in secondary education throughout the country.

Article 5.19 :

State shall ensure to ban on production, distribution and sale of fertilizers, pesticides and medicines proved to be dangerous for human health.

Article 5.20 :

State shall strive for protection of traditional seeds and encourage organic agriculture.

Article 5.21 :

State shall ensure complete ban on use on English in administration.

Article 5.22 :

State shall ban on English medium primary and secondary schools.

Article 5.23 :

State shall ensure complete liberty and freedom to establish community radios and community TV centers by various sections of society for their economic, cultural and social development and for protection of their liberty and freedom.

Article 5.24 :

State shall not interfere and will provide complete freedom for generation and distribution and sale of renewable energy up to 100 KW by any individual or institution.