Article 6.1 :

There shall be Gram Sabha in every village composed of all the registered voters in the village above the age of 18 years. All powers are vested in Gram sabha.

Gram Sabha will be permanent with correction of voters list of time to time. 

Article 6.2 :

There shall be Gram Nyay punch in every village.

Article 6.3 :

Gram Sabha will meet every month. But Gram sabha can be convened at any time with the notice of three days by giving in writing by the 5% registered voters. 

Article 6.4 :

Every year at the particular meeting of Gram Sabha, each registered voter of Gram Sabha will suggest at least one name by secret ballot for the post of (i) Surpanch (ii) Gram Pratinidhi (iii) Nyay punch pramukh by writing in a special suggestion ballot paper for each particular post.

Article 6.5 :

The person getting highest vote in the suggestion ballot for a particular post shall be requested to hold the post and if he agrees, his name will be announced for the approval of the Gram Sabha and any objections is to be presented by any person it will be invited. If no bonafide objections are obtained, that person will be declared as elected for that particular post. Subject to the condition that he fulfills the qualification for that post.

Article 6.6 :

Any person getting the highest vote for any particular post is not willing to accept that post but he is willing to accept another post, all the persons getting the highest votes for each particular post will be requested to sit jointly and resolve the problem of distribution of post among the three persons.

Article 6.7 :

No person shall be elected as Surpanch or as Gram Pratinidhi or as Nyay punch pramukh unless Gram Sabha approves him with 80% majority of the voters.

Article 6.8 :

Surpanch or Gram pratinidhi will hold the office during the pleasure of the Gram Sabha not more than one year and he will leave the post forthwith on passing of call back resolution against him. 

Article 6.9 :

Nyay punch pramukh will hold the office for three years unless call back resolution has been passed by the Gram Sabha with 80% votes of the totally casted votes.

Article 6.10 :

Call back resolution against Surpanch or Gram pratinidhi can be passed by simple majority in Gram sabha at any moment.

Article 6.11 :

No person shall be eligible to be elected as Surpanch or as gram pratinidhi or as nyay punch pramukh unless (i) He is citizen of India (ii) He has completed 18 years of age. (iii) He is free from any addiction such as Smoking, Gutkha, Pan, Tobacco, Wine, Gambling or any such bad habit. (iv) He declares the property of his own and of his family members to the public. And there is no opposition about the unlawful manner of acquiring the property. (v) He is not convicted of any offence. (vi) He bears undisputable moral character. (vii) He has passed 12th standard of higher secondary education (Gram Sabha can relax this requirement where there is no much education). (viii) He has read Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.

Article 6.12 :

Immediately after the election of Surpanch, Gram Pratinidhi and Nyay Punch Pramukh, all these three persons jointly and unanimously will nominate members of the Gram Panchayat. Number of members will be minimum 5 and maximum 11.

Article 6.13 :

All such nominations described in article 6.12 above will be void if it is not approved in the meeting of Gram Sabha.

Article 6.14 :

No member of gram Panchayat shall be nominated by Surpanch, Gram pratinidhi and nyay punch pramukh unless he fulfils the qualifications prescribed for the Surpanch.

Article 6.15 :

Subject to the provision in article 6.12 there shall be at least one member in Gram Panchayat for population of every 1000 in the village.

Article 6.16 :

Gram Panchayat will act as a executive and implementing body of the gram sabha as per the direction and desire of the gram sabha.

Article 6.17 :

Gram Panchayat may appoint unanimously various samitis for the purpose of various functions and subjects related with the Village List. 50% members of such samitis will be women. No such samitis will be valid if appointment of such samitis is not approved in the next meeting of the gram sabha.

Article 6.18 :

Any samiti constituted by gram Panchayat for any subject related to women directly or indirectly shall have all women members. Subject to the provision that all women members unanimously may co-opt one or two male members if they desire.

Article 6.19 :

50% members of the gram Panchayat shall be women.

Article 6.20 :

Gram Pratinidhi will represent the Gram sabha of the village at every election for any bigger organization out of the village such as Taluka Panchayat, District Panchayat etc.

Article 6.21 :

Nyay Punch Pramukh immediately after the election will nominate members of the Gram Nyay Punch. Number of members will be minimum 5 and maximum 9 in case of bigger villages having population more than 5000.

Article 6.22 :

No member of Nyay Panch shall be nominated by Nyay Punch Pramukh unless he fulfils the qualifications prescribed for the Surpanch.

Article 6.23 :

Nyay punch may appoint unanimously different samitis for individual cases and for the purpose of various functions and subjects related with justice. Decision of such samitis will be considered as the decision of nyay punch.

Article 6.24 :

Nyay punch will have powers to decide the cases of disputes and offences and punish the culprits as per their discretion. No any such judgment of nyay punch will be effective unless it is taken unanimously or at least by 80% majority.

Article 6.25 :

Nyay punch has the  responsibility to see that administration of gram Panchayat is conducted as per the provisions of the constitution. Any person, can complain to the nyay punch if birth rights are violated and if any provision of constitution is violated.