Article 16.1 :

Education shall be for character building and for infusing patriotism.

Article 16.2 :

All Governments shall strive for making the education self sufficient as per the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi.

Article 16.3 :

No Government shall encourage or promote or allow to encourage or promote any educational institute not having mother tongue or Hindi as the medium of instruction.

Article 16.4 :

No Government shall give any grant to any educational institute of secondary education or above or any university for any course not fully related with vocational education or training.

Article 16.5 :

No Government shall allow to function any educational institute encouraging religious conversion or creating hatred for other religions.

Article 16.6 :

No Government shall allow to function any educational institute specially for upper and wealthy class of people and not affordable to common people unless it has provision to admit at least 50% students totally free of cost from poor Harijans, poor backward castes and economically weaker section of the society.

Article 16.7 :

No Government will object for giving for basic religious education i.e. teaching Bhagwat Gita, Kuran, Bible etc. as a part of curriculum. 

Article 16.8 :

No Government shall take any responsibility to provide higher than secondary education free of cost.

Article 16.9 :

Teaching at least two books from the basic books written by Mahatma Gandhi himself will be compulsory in every secondary school of India.

Article 16.10 :

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human character and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship in the country and in the world. Eucation violating this principle is not the education.

Article 16.11 :

Governments shall ban drinking strictly throughout India including ban on manufacture, production, sale, display, store of alcoholic drinks.

Article 16.12 :

Governments shall impose total ban on cricket including cricket match, broadcasting of cricket match whether played in India or outside of India.

Article 16.13 :

Government shall ban on gambling, any kind of race, lottery or any kind of such activity from which gambling can be done.

Article 16.14 :

Government shall ban on smoking gutkha, tobacco, cigarette, bidi throughout the country accept in private house.

Article 16.15 :

No Government shall encourage directly or indirectly smoking gutkha, tobacco, cigarette, bidi  and shall not allow any kind of publicity or advertisement of whatsoever for such evil items.

Article 16.16 :

No Government shall allow any publication of advertisement or article or display any scene in electronic media in which direct or indirect insult of women is involved.