Article 20.1 :

Every citizen of India will be free to make any trading or commercial activity anywhere in India. No any Government can impose any restriction on such individual activity.

Article 20.2 :

No any limited company can make any trading or commercial activity of any agricultural commodity or any consumer item.

Article 20.3 :

No any limited company or partnership firm or association of persons or individual person can do any trading or commercial activity with chain system of commission in which one appointed agent will appoint another agents and they will again appoint another agents and he will earn commission from all such agents appointed on chain system.

Article 20.4 :

Nobody shall export any item or commodity of food or basic necessity out of India unless it is surplus in the country.

Article 20.5 :

Nobody shall export any meat product in any circumstances.

Article 20.6 :

Every village or town will create facility for storage for food items, grain, pulses and other commodities of primary needs of the people and it will be made available to farmers, villagers and residents of that village or town at no profit no loss basis.