Article 22.1 :

Official language of the union shall be Hindi in Devnagiri script.

Article 22.2 :

Official language of any state will be the language spoken by the people of that state.

Article 22.3 :

If more than one language is spoken in the state and population of the second language speakers is 30% or more, both languages will be official language of that state.

illustration :

Mumbai city is considered as state. Marathi is spoken by majority of the people. But Gujarati population is more than 30%. Then Gujarati also will be official language in Mumbai city.  

Article 22.4 :

When more than 10% population  speaks other than official language of the state, Hindi will be additional official language of the state.

illustration :

In Mumbai city more than 10%  people speak other than Marathi and Gujarati. So Hindi will be additional official language of Mumbai city.

Article 22.5 :

Official language for communication between state and union or between any two states will be Hindi.

Article 22.6 :

Every person shall be entitled to submit a representation for the redress of any grievance to any officer or authority of the Union or a State in any of the languages used in the Union or in the state, as the case may be.

Article 22.7 :

No any village, town, taluka or district or state can declare English as their official language.

Article 22.8:

All administration of village or taluka or district will be in the language spoken by the majority of the people of that village, taluka, district.