Article 24.1 :

The central principle of judiciary shall be that judiciary system will be justice based system and not law based system. So all the judgements will be fully at the discretion of the judges in such a way that justice shall be preserved, no matter law is not preserved.

Article 24.2 :

Culprits, Offenders, Miscreants, betrayers to the Nation and those who misuse powers shall not escape punishment under any excuse.

Article 24.3 :

As far as possible no any judicial authority will give judgement which will violate the guarantee given by this constitution to every citizen of India.

Article 24.4 :

Justice shall be always at local level as far as possible.

Article 24.5 :

Justice shall be always free of cost as far as possible.

Article 24.6 :

Justice shall be prompt and immediate after listening concerned parties orally without any help of any advocate or outsider.

Article 24.7 :

Judgment will be in writing in short.

Article 24.8 :

Judiciary has primary responsibility that entire India is administered as per the provisions of this constitution. However, in exceptional circumstances, Rashtriya Nyay Sabha or Rajya Nyay Parishad will be free to give judgment as per their discretion even violating the provisions of this Constitution just to protect and preserve the justice.