It will be very interesting and curious to know what revolutionary changes this constitution will bring though out the country. I will try to depict a realistic effect on various aspects of our public life and on various sections of the society.

( 1)     Farmers & Rural People: They will happily live fearless life. They will have no fear of harassment of police or criminals, Gundas etc. They will be free to purchase revolver or pistol from the market for their self protection without any license. Revolver which is costing at the moment Rs. 1.5 Lakhs will be available very freely at the cost of Rs.150/- only. Industrial centers like Rajkot, Ludhiana, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Coimbtore etc. are quite competent to produce lakhs of revolvers in 15 days only and sell at the rate of Rs. 150/-. So everybody desiring to keep reolver will be able to possess it and he will defend himself. Birth right of self defense will bring such fearless life.

( 2)     Poverty and Unemployment : Huge scope of self employment will be created throughout the rural area of India because of ban on big industries. Millions of tiny cotton spinning units will come into existence in villages. Millions of handlooms and power looms will start working in villages. Lakhs of tiny oil mills and oil Ghani's will start working in villages for providing pure natural fresh edible oil. Lakhs of tiny rice mills will process paddy into rice. Lakhs of small sugar plants and gur plants will be established in the farms itself. Thousands of village scale, tiny cement plants and lime plants will start working wherever lime stone is available. Lakhs of small scale wind turbines and solar power plants will provide energy for lift irrigation in millions of farms. In this way, wealth of billions of rupees will be created in villages. It will create and boost construction activity on mass scale in villages. Thus, entire village population will have enough work for livelihood. Unemployment and poverty will become the matter of past.

( 3)     Paradise of Cheapness : Prices of each and everything will reduce drastically and immediately. As all indirect taxes will be automatically abolished at the Commencement of this Constitution, prices will start falling down immediately. As there will be no Central Excise on car, scooter, trucks, steel, sugar, tea and all such other commodities, prices of each of the commodity will come down to 50% to 75% at a stretch. As there will be no Sales Tax on any commodity, prices will further come down. Petrol and Diesel prices will come to half immediately. So transport cost will be reduced. It will have cumulative effect to reduce the prices further. Ban on imports will greatly increase the value of Rupee and it will come to seven rupees = 1 dollar within a few month only. It will make petroleum products far cheaper. So petrol and diesel prices may come down to 2 to 3 rupees per liter. So transport cost will be further reduced and it will have effect on all the commodities in further reduction of prices. In this way paradise of cheapness will be created to make the entire common masses of India really happy.

( 4)     Merchants and Manufacturers: They will get Real Swaraj and they will be one of the biggest beneficiary of this constitution because they are the worst victim of the present bureaucracy. They will get rid of inspector raj. They have not to apply to any Government office for starting business or industry. They have not to pay any tax and so they have not to keep various types of records. They have not to fear of anybody. So they will get rid of the present slavery and they will enjoy Real Swaraj. Any person having any technical skill or business idea will be able to implement it without any slavery of Government officers. There will be abundant fund available with the Banks for starting such business and industries because banks will have statutory control to provide the entire fund for rural cottage industries and trade only. So millions and millions of small merchants and small manufacturers will come forward to increase the wealth and services in the country and hence entire country will be really happy.

( 5)     Teachers: Vested interests of primary, secondary and college teachers will come to an end. Government will have no funds to provide to universities and colleges. So automatically their big big salaries without any work will stop. So thousands of teachers - primary to college and university teachers will be available at market price. Those who are sincere, honest and creative minded will be in high demand and will get very high salary and very high respect also from the society. Probably, such teachers will start their own Gurukuls and will earn name and fame in the society. But those who are dull and idle, they will not have get even 500 Rs. per month as no any village or school will like to employ them. Many villages and towns will have very high priority for education of their children and they will like to spend any amount for good education. So their will be thrust on practical education, fruit bearing education. There will be no place for arts and commerce colleges which teach practically nothing to students except how to exploit the country for the benefit of foreign multinational companies. Salaries of the teachers will be connected with the result. Villagers and common people have their own skill and ideas. They will have perfect freedom to manage their affairs without any interference from the Government. So no any teacher will be permanent by law. But good teachers will be more than permanent morally. So there will be very much healthy atmosphere in the education field.

( 6)     IAS officers: They will be really losers. They have kept the entire country as a slave in a grip of iron jaws. They have centralized entire administration and entire economy and they have exploited the entire country. They have mismanaged entire country. The centralized economy which they have created is responsible for spreading poverty and unemployment throughout the country. They have kept 100 crore people under various dreadful laws. They have spoiled the entire country. They have made our country slave of multinational companies. For every sin and for every evil, in the administration and economy, IAS officers are fully responsible. Gandhiji has described them as Golden Gang. IAS officers will no more exist in Real Swaraj. But among IAS officers, there is a small class of patriotic officers. They will become the real useful servants to Mother India. They will accept the power of the people and will happily work under the desire of the people. They will not worry for monetary loss in salaries. They will use their patriotic sense for the service of the people. But their wide powers to control the entire economy will go away.

( 7)     Government Employees: The army of Government employees will not be needed in Real Swaraj. So they have to find out alternative jobs which will be abundantly available in the form of cottage scale and home scale industries. Most of the Government posts have powers to harass the people under the name of various laws and hence heavy corruption and mal practice are going on. This will vanish from the public life. Most of the powers will be in villages and they will not require many Government servants. And if they require some, they have to work under the guidance and control of rural people's desires. Naturally, they will not give big salaries. So there is no scope of employments for them. So only alternative for them is to learn some productive home industry and to start earning from it. Lakhs of Government servants will be surplus on the very same day of Commencement of This Constitution and crores of people will be free from the repression, harassment and corruption of the Government servants. This will be Real Swaraj for the common people. This is also applicable to employees of the corporations and government connected organizations.

( 8)     Legal practice: Big advocates earning lakhs of rupees through criminal and civil practice in the lower courts, high courts, supreme court etc. will lose their business almost totally and they have to search some alternative way of livelihood. As powers will be decentralized up to village level, court cases will not arise at all. And if arised, it will be settled in villages or at the most taluka places and very few cases will go to Districts, States and Center. But judges have full discretionary power to give judgment according to their conscious without looking into any law simply by looking the facts only, the legal advocate and intricate legality will be totally irrelevant in this work and hence all advocates will be totally idle and will be of no use. So they have to resort to some alternative source of livelihood. The best way for them also to adopt some sort of cottage industry or trading activity based on cottage industries and earn honest money instead of lakhs of rupees earned by committing sin. This will be applicable to some extent to judges also. But good hearted judges will be accepted by the people in the new judiciary system and they will get the respectable position in Jilla Nyay Samitis, Rajya Nyay Parishads and Rashtriya Nyay Sabha.

( 9)     Politicians: This will be the most affected class. Most of the politicians are sinners. They are not worthy of their position. They will lose their paradise and will become ordinary value less persons. They are fully responsible for ruinous situation of our country. So nobody will shed tears for them. Some really patriotic persons working in the politics will heartily accept the new situation and will work for the nation more enthusiastically and happily because result of their dedicated work will be more pronounced in the Real Swaraj.

(10)     Indian Culture: Export of meat will be immediately banned. Cow slaughter will be immediately banned. Prohibition will be imposed by most of the villages and towns and cities. Cricket will be prohibited. There will be not a single ugly or vulgar advertisement or scene on TV, Cinema or in public places. No advertisement will be seen any where about cigarettes, drinking etc. Everything is compulsorily to be complied with this constitution. So entire administration and public life will reflect true Indian culture.

(11)     Terrorism : As soon as free gun right is implemented for self defence, terrorism will become matter of past within a few days only. People will have revolver, pistol etc for their own self defence and as soon as they come across any terrorist, they will kill him. So no terrorist can escape from the people. So terrorism will come to an end. But so called terrorists are not really big problem as people can kill them. The biggest terrorism is from Government itself. Every Government office is the center of terrorism. So biggest benefit to the public will be that all these centers of terrorism sponsored by the Government will be abolished automatically by this constitution by depriving the powers of the Government employees for harassment of the people.

In this way, we can observe that by implementing this Constitution, more than 95% people will be benefited and entire country will be able to enjoy Real Swaraj. Only a fraction of the society composed of vested interests will be losers to some extent. So in fact this Constitution will eradicate almost all the evils from our politics and from our public life and it will bring real Swaraj - truly partyless democracy & participatory democracy. Thus in real sense, Government will be of the people, for the people and by the people.


Date : 1st January, 2003