Why I wrote this Constitution?

I wrote this constitution because I could not bear any longer without writing it. I read Constitution of India roughly before 35 years and I was extremely disappointed with it. Although I felt that most of the leaders in the Constituent Assembly were patriotic, I was really confused how our leaders have made this constitution which will bring to the ruin of our country. Just by first reading of the Constitution, I was fully convinced that the Constitution will simply lead to centralization of wealth and political powers, exploitation of villages and common masses, increase in poverty and unemployment and strengthening of bureaucracy, helplessness of people and all sided miseries of the people.

Since then I conceived the idea that somebody should write completely New Constitution as per Gandhiji's thinking. In last 50 years lakhs of people have experienced the evils of corruption, scandals, centralization, misuse of powers, increasing the disparities etc. and everything is due to the root cause of defective Constitution. But it is really surprising and disgusting that no any Gandhian thinker or political leader or high personality in judiciary or administration has attempted to write any model Constitution or alternative constitution. At least, no any such model Constitution has come to my notice. In fact, in such a big country of 100 crore people, hundreds of such model constitutions or alternative constitutions should have come forward. Any way, I never imagined that I will have to write the constitution. As time passed, I went on observing what is going on in our country and I was more and more convinced that root cause of all evils of our public life and politics is our defective constitution. So I felt severe need that somebody should write completely new constitution. Idea went on riping in my mind in last 30 years and it came out as this CONSTITUTION FOR REAL SWARAJ in the same way as ripe child in the mothers womb comes out without waiting any longer.

With what objectives I have written this Constitution ?

While drafting this constitution, I have taken every possible care to ensure that :

( 1)     That birth rights are strictly protected and implemented throughout India.

( 2)     That people of the great nation can enjoy perfect liberty and freedom to live fearless and happy life without any exploitation of whatsoever nature.

( 3)     That people of this great nation can live without the fear of any government harassment of any type.

( 4)     That political powers must be decentralized to grass root level to make 5 lakh villages the real centers of sovereign powers.

( 5)     That repressive bureaucracy can come to an end.

( 6)     That unemployment and poverty can end by developing home scale cottage industries in every industrial field and by banning big industries.

( 7)     That real justice is promptly given at local level as per conscious of Nyay Punch without involving legality.

( 8)     That our country can not become victim of international conspirators through multinational companies.

( 9)     That election system is so devised that elected representatives truly represent the voice & desire of the people.

(10)     That election system is so devised that no any unscrupulous person can come to the power at higher level.

(11)     That election system is so devised that expenses of election are reduced to minimum possible.

(12)     That political career must be for the service of the nation and hence only service oriented people with the sense of sacrifice can remain in politics.

(13)     That those who come to politics with selfish motive can not succeed.

(14)     That there must be hanging swords from many places on politicians and so only patriotic persons should be able to work under hanging swords of call back resolutions.

(15)     That political position can not become the instrument for personal gain.

(16)     That those who misuse powers shall not escape punishment & penalty.

(17)     That distance between the rich and the poor must go on reducing day by day.

(18)     That towns & cities of India can not remain blood suckers of 5 lakh villages.

(19)     That public expenditure has to be kept minimum possible within prescribed limit.

(20)     That vested interest of politics, administration, trade and industry, judiciary, religion etc. come to an end forthwith.

(21)     That taxation system can not become the tool of exploitation of people.

With above objectives, I feel that this constitution will become really revolutionary and blessing for the people of India and it will remove most of the evils spread in our public life. I have taken enough care to keep the language of the Constitution as simple as possible and hence I have purposely avoided complicated legal phrases such as "Notwithstanding anything contained in clause so and so of article so and so "etc.

My limitations :

But I know my limitations. I can not claim that this constitution is perfect. No man is perfect. So his work will be always imperfect. But I have many such limitations e.g.

(1)     I have no any experience of judiciary or legal practice. I am Mechanical Engineer and for most of my life, I have worked for technology.

(2)     I have not written this constitution peacefully and continuously. From my busy life for business etc. I used to spare and dictate for one or two hours for a particular topic and again after a month, I could take up the work. So I wrote everything intermittently and hurriedly.

(3)     I am not expert in constitution in any way. I have not studied any constitution of any country except Constitution of India once only.

With all these limitations, it is quite natural that constitution written by me will be lacking in many ways and it will have many defects. But I am sure that direction is correct. Sooner or later, if India has to become happy, if India has to enjoy the Real Swaraj, if India has to get rid of present slavery of bureaucracy, if India has to eradicate poverty and unemployment of common masses, this CONSTITUTION FOR REAL SWARAJ is inevitable. So I pray God to inspire people of India and particularly higher literate class to understand the significance of this Constitution. I have tried to endeavour to describe what great changes and revolution will bring this Constitution and what will be the effect of this Constitution on various sections of the society in a special article AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THIS CONSTITUTION which has been given at the end of this Constitution. Any suggestion or comment is most welcome.

Date : 1st January, 2003


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